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      Used Carpet Tile Removal

          Call 0412 266 796

Carpet Recyclers collect Used Carpet Tiles from commercial projects, diverting the carpet tiles from landfill to our Recycling / reuse process. After the carpet tiles have been uplifted, they will be placed on pallets & taken back to our warehouse where they are  processed & graded, then offered to the public for reuse at a fraction of replacement cost.

Each year many 1000's of square meters of used Carpet Tiles are dumped in Australian landfill due to the lack of recycling technologies on what is arguably one of our planets toughest materials to recycle. With statistics showing that Australian carpet landfill is likely to be full in the next 10 to 15 years, businesses owners & local authorities are looking for new cheaper & more environmentally friendly alternatives to landfill.


Using our take up & carpet disposal service is by far the cheapest & most cost effective way to recycle used carpet tiles, allowing us to find an end user for your old carpet tiles.

Commercial carpet tiles, mainly used in large office premises, are often replaced long before the end of their life due to soiling or stains which could in any event be cleaned or if needs be replaced individually.

Since we began trading in 1988 Carpet Recyclers has recovered and removed Hundreds of 1000's of square meters of used carpet & second hand carpet tiles through our carpet tile reuse program, We offer a quick & efficient collection service to all our clients who supply us with used carpet tiles & can also provide a competitive uplift & removal service.


Reducing carpet tiles going to landfill is our main aim, but by doing this we also create employment & help towards the worlds environmental solution for carpet tile disposal,

Over the years Carpet Recyclers has invested heavily in developing a new carpet tile recycling / reuse warehouse & equipment. The process, which grades, cleans and stacks reclaimed used carpet tiles has proven to be both popular and successful.

To find out more, please give us a quick call on

0412 266 796 and ask for Gary or Dale.





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