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Top Money Paid For Used Carpet Tiles 


Carpet Recyclers are Australia's largest & first choice for Recycling of Used Carpet Tiles, WE COVER ALL SYDNEY METRO AREA.

Do you have a project where you must recycle your used carpet tiles or be Green compliant?  WE CAN HELP 

We can offer you an Environmentally Friendly method and avoid having the second hand carpet tiles being recycled rather than being sent to landfill


Disposal of USED CARPET TILES can be a problem & be very costly with with the ever increasing cost of tip fees.

If you have a project coming up where you know second hand Carpet Tiles are being removed, your first phone call should be to Carpet Recyclers 0418 266 796 & speak with Either Brad or Gary, we can offer you an environmentally friendly method to recycle carpet tiles & pay top money for good stock.


When you call Carpet Recyclers we will ask the following:

  • Job location and approximate square meters

  • Arrange a suitable day & time to visit your project to view the carpet tiles

  • Offer best salvage price will will pay you for the carpet tiles

  • Arrange a day & time to take up & or collect the tiles from your project site,

  • if you are doing the uplift it would help if you could palletise the carpet tiles ready for our collection

  • We can also accept deliveries of palletised at our Bankstown warehouse 6 Days a week

Carpet Tiles wanted

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