Here at Carpet Recyclers we carry a HUGE variety of Quality cheap discounted carpets to match everyone's taste & budget. We sell all styles & qualities, Wool, Nylon, Eco. 

All being sold at wholesale prices, a fraction of normal retail price.

We buy quality carpet from Australia's top carpet manufacturers.
We buy in bulk which allows us to pass on the savings to you!
With prices starting from just $23m2
(Fully Installed),
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Stocked Ranges

We have a large showroom in our warehouse where we have samples of hundreds of different products. All of these can be ordered in.
We do STOCK a large range of products in our MASSIVE warehouse.
Below is some of our stocked carpets.

We buy these products in bulk which allows us to get our prices EXTREMELY cheap!


Lasting Delight

Lasting Delight

Queen Square



Fraser Cove


City Class

Penny Arcade


There are a huge variety of different types of carpet textures. Which are available in both commercial and residential carpets.

Below are the 3 main textures used in todays carpets. 
Some patterned carpets will use a combination of these textures.

Twist Pile

Plush Pile

Loop Pile

* Most decoratively versatile cut pile

* Textured surface helps hide         footprints & vacuum marks

* Adds casual beauty to any room

* Looks great between vacuums

* Preferred style for busy households

* Great "whole-house" carpet

* Refined cut pile surface

* Luxuriously smooth, soft finish

* Beautiful with traditional interiors

* Adds distinctive elegance to any room

* Ideal for living & dining rooms

* Shows subtle highlights & accents

* Distinct textured loop finish created by a simple loop of yarn

* Suited to high traffic areas

*Does not show footprints or vacuum marks

*Extremely durable and hard wearing

Yarn and Fibres

The appearance, texture and longevity of a carpet are largely determined by its fibre type. Carpets come in both natural and man-made fibre types.

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